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A real popular event, unseen so far! Authentic costumes in an authentic ethnographic environment, combined with genuine songs and dances. An old-time authentic Bulgarian wedding will take place on this year Boyras Meeting. The aim is to obtaing a Guiness world record for most numerous old-time wedding attended by 4000-4500 people. The requirements to all the guests that would like to be part of the wedding are: 1. To wear a national costume and 2. To carry a rug or straw-mat, and a „menche” (copper vessel) for wine. A beauty contest shall also take place during the festival under the motto - „ The most beautiful girl in village”.
The Lyaskovo Monastery is located on the Arbanasi plateau from where an unforgettable view to the Danubian plane and the ridge of the Elenski Balkan mountain is opened. The legend says that the monastery was founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire by the brothers Petar and Asen. Once there was a fortress over the hill with an impressive rock. That fortress protected the lands of the Asenevtsi dynasty. The preparations for the revolt of 1185 for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Byzantine rule took place in that fortress. Asenevtsi built the fortress as a sign of gratitude for the success of the revolt. The monastery had been burnt down and plundered, and then restored several times. 
Arbanasi is an ancient settlement with a splendid view to the Tsarevets and Trapezitsa hills. Up to this day, 144 houses, churches and monasteries of luxuriant architecture and inner decoration, frescoes and woodcarving have been preserved. These unique monuments of historical importance attract tourists from all over the world.

Day 1:
07:00 – Departing from the region of Sunny Beach
11:30 – Visit to the Lyaskovo Monastery and the „Bolyarska Sreshta” Folklore Festival
16:30 – Accommodation at a hotel
18:00 – Visit to the Folklore Fest

Day 2:
08:00 – Breakfast
09:30 – Attendance at the „Bolyarska Sreshta” Folklore Festival – authentic Bulgarian wedding
14:30 – Sightseeing the Arbanasi village
16:30 – Departure for the region of Sunny Beach

You can visit: 
The Konstantsalieva House, Arbanasi village 


Private trips available-VIP.
Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP: 231/94/258
Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 121/49/135

Additional payment for rental costumes – the price depends on the choice.


Listed prices are in Bulgarian leva, per person and include transport, accommodation in a double room in a 3 star hotel with breakfast-for the 2 days excursions. Single room-extra charge 35 leva. There are discounts for children under 12, which are valid only if at least one of the parents is attending.  The VIP price is for individual or group travels of up to 5 adults and 2 kids. The price includes a vehicle entirely available for the travelers and accompanying guide. For group travels, over 10 adults, the price is subject to further negotiation.  Opportunity for organizing travels on a date desired by the client. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and the days of the events.

The company reserves the right to unite groups of different nationalities in case of insufficient number of visitors.


Always be 10 minutes earlier in place. Buses are not waiting if you delay.


Period: 22-23 of July

231 leva

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