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Each year in the beginning of June, in the famous Rose valley near Kazanlak is held a rose festival – the queen of the flowers and one of the symbols of Bulgaria. The Celebration starts with rose harvest, accompanied by songs and dances. According an old Bulgarian custom, the hosts welcome and  treat the guests with gyulovitsa – elixir of grape and roses. The lovers of sweet and aromatic drinks can try liquer from roses. Here you can drink a cup of rose tea and taste the famous rose jam. Traditional for the celebration is the beauty contest for Rose Queen, in which participate only graduates from Kazanlak. One of the things you should not miss is the unique for Bulgaria Rose museum, where in photos you can track the 330-year history rose production in Bulgaria. It shows original vessels for the production of rose oil, cauldrons for storage and export – concums (traditional rose oil vessels), which even after 60 years smell wonderful. Even today the quality of this Bulgarian product don’t have any competition worldwide and the celebration of Kazanlak Rose remains unique.
The excursion is offered in two days or one day options.

Two days trip:
Day 1: 
08:00 – Departure from the area of Sunny Beach; 
12:00 – Leisure lunch time in the center of Kazanlak;
13:00 – Free time 
By request: Visiting the Historic museum - Kazanlak, Visiting the Ethnographic complex Kulata, Visiting the Rose museum, Park Rosarium – The bread of the Bulgarian – rites, customs and faith of rosé wine festival 2017
15:00 – Accommodation in a Hotel 
17:30 – Sq. Sevtopolis – majorette
19:00 – Sq. Sevtopolis – folklore festival
21:00 – Sq. Sevtopolis – concert
Day 2:
10:00 – Ritual „Picking” near Kazanlak
12:00 – Center – Carnival procession 
13:30 – Optional: Visiting of the tomb Kazanlak
15:30 – Departure back to the area of Sunny Beach 

One day trip:
Day 1:
06:00 – Departure from the area of Sunny Beach
10:00 – Ritual „Picking” near Kazanlak 
12:00 – Center – Carnival procession 
By request: Visiting of the tomb Kazanlak 
19:00 – Sq. Sevtopolis – folklore festival
20:00 – Departure back to the area of Sunny Beach


1 day trip:

Private trips available-VIP.
Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP: 109/51/149
Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 57/27/78

2 days trip:

Private trips available-VIP.
Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP: 173/80/231
Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 90/42/121

You can visit: 
Parade – 20 BGN
Rose picking – 20 BGN
Historical museum –6 BGN /2 BGN, guide - 20 BGN
Ethnographic museum Kulata – 6 BGN /2 BGN – essen tial oils testing - 5 BGN /3 BGN
Tasting rose jam and rose liquor and gyulovitsa (rose brandy) – 8 BGN /4 BGN
Rose museum – 6 BGN /2 BGN, guide - 20 BGN
Kazanlak tomb – 6 BGN /2 BGN, guide  20 BGN

Package „In the town of Roses and Thracian" –  40 BGN
- Rose picking / authentic ritual with attractions /
- Ethnographic complex „Kulata”
- Historical museum „Iskra“
- Thracian tomb Kazanlak


Listed prices are in Bulgarian leva, per person and include transport, accommodation in a double room in a 3 star hotel with breakfast-for the 2 days excursions. Single room-extra charge 35 leva. There are discounts for children under 12, which are valid only if at least one of the parents is attending.  The VIP price is for individual or group travels of up to 5 adults and 2 kids. The price includes a vehicle entirely available for the travelers and accompanying guide. For group travels, over 10 adults, the price is subject to further negotiation.  Opportunity for organizing travels on a date desired by the client. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and the days of the events.

The company reserves the right to unite groups of different nationalities in case of insufficient number of visitors.


Always be 10 minutes earlier in place. Stay right at the bus station in open and visible place. Buses are not waiting if you delay.


Period: 3-4 of June

109 leva

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