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On the evening of June 30th – 1st July many Bulgarians gather near the Black Sea coast, to meet together the sunrise, traditionally under the sound of the Uriah Heep song „July morning”. July is a place to meet people with the same visions for the world. The symbolic meeting of the sunrise represents the welcoming of the new beginning and the better future. The idea that originated as a protest against the communist rule is still widespread today. Now it brings the sense of escaping the city and the civilization, of protest against the self and complete release of the individual from the shackles of the big city. In another sense, it is just the beginning of the summer. 
The Quiet Nest Palace near Balchik and the Botanic garden, combined in an architectural-park complex are a piece of Heaven on earth and an obligatory tourist site on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The complex originated as a summer residence of Queen Mary (1875 – 1938). Here you can see rare and exotic trees and the garden is world famous with its unique collection of cactuses, which is the second of its kind in Europe after the one in Monaco. 
Cape Kaliakra as an enormous breakwater with its seventy meters high shores blocks the way of the oncoming furious sea waves, it calms them and turns the wide shore in a safe harbor. Its name translated from Greek means „beautiful cape”. Before the Greeks this beauty was assessed by the Thracians, and later by the Scythians and the Crusaders. The place used to hide pirate ships not once and that is why there are hundreds of legends for hidden treasures. Here you can travel back in history and experience romantic moments and surely will leave fascinated by the mystique and with many wonderful photos as a souvenir.

Day 1:
08:00 – Departure from the area of Sunny Beach 
11:30 – Leisure time for lunch in the central part of Varna
14:30 – Sightseeing in Balchik – The Palace of the Romanian Queen Mary      
16:30 – Accommodation in a hotel
22:00 – Waiting for the sunrise - concert
06:00 – Breakfast, time to rest  


Day 2:
11:00 – Departure to Cape Kaliakra 
14:30 – Departure back to the area of Sunny beach


Private trips available-VIP.
Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP: 144/58/197
Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 75/30/103


Listed prices are in Bulgarian leva, per person and include transport, accommodation in a double room in a 3 star hotel with breakfast-for the 2 days excursions. Single room-extra charge 35 leva. There are discounts for children under 12, which are valid only if at least one of the parents is attending.  The VIP price is for individual or group travels of up to 5 adults and 2 kids. The price includes a vehicle entirely available for the travelers and accompanying guide. For group travels, over 10 adults, the price is subject to further negotiation.  Opportunity for organizing travels on a date desired by the client. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and the days of the events.

The company reserves the right to unite groups of different nationalities in case of insufficient number of visitors.


Always be 10 minutes earlier in place. Buses are not waiting if you delay.


Period:1 of July

144 leva

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