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Nestinarstvo is one of the most ancient Bulgarian customs, originated thousands years ago. Some associate its appearance with the Dionysian festivals and other Thracians and their cult for the sun. The nestinar dance is usually performed on the Celebration of Sts. Constantine and Helen day. The dancers step barefoot on smouldering embers holding the icon of the two saints. The nestinar dancer reaches a state of religious trance and completely loses the contact with the outside world. According to the residents of village Bulgari the key is in the power of faith. They think that a men can’t learn to dance if he/she wasn’t born to be a nestinar dancer. They believe that God will save them, because they are good and don’t wish bad on nobody. The spiritual preparation, cold feet and monotonous music of the drums and bagpipes, which help the dancers to reach Trance are essential for the successful dance. The nestinar dancers foretell the future. In Bulgaria the authentic custom is preserved only in one village in Strandja – Bulgari. The dance on fire is considered also a pray to the heavenly powers for good luck, fertility and disease prevention, the fire is able to destroy and purify all evil, coming from men or Earth. We still do not know for sure whether the nestinar dance is magical dance or indeed the power of faith helps them to overcome the physical pain. That is what makes it unique and unrepeatable phenomenon today. Begliktash is Thracian sanctuary linked with the cult of fertility and the Goddess – Mother.
Sacred place where rituals are performed before 2th century B.C. until the beginning of the 4th century A.C. It is a natural ensemble of boulders of different sizes and shapes. Some of the elements have been further grouped according to the rituals that were performed on them. 
Sozopol - At the southern end of Bourgas Bay, 34 km from Burgas, is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea. It is situated on a rocky peninsula and is one of the most beautiful and romantic seaside resorts. If you want to have fun and experience unforgettable moments take a stroll through the old town and soak in the atmosphere of the authentic Bulgarian architecture.

Day 1:  
08:00 – Departure from the area of Sunny Beach 
09:00 – By request: Boat trip on Ropotamo river, nature reserve
13:00 – Accommodation in Hotel  
14:00 – Lighting the nestinar fire – square in Bulgari village, „dressing” the icons of Sts. Constantine and Helena, procession to the holy spring and plank-bed of St. Constantine 
22:00 – Nestinar dance

Day 2:
09:00 – Departure to the megalithic Thracian sanctuary Begliktash 
13:00 – Sightseeing in Sozopol 
16:30 – Departure back to the area of Sunny Beach
You can visit: Boat trip on Ropotamo river.


Private trips available-VIP.
Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP: 132/73/184
Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 69/38/96


Listed prices are in Bulgarian leva, per person and include transport, accommodation in a double room in a 3 star hotel with breakfast-for the 2 days excursions. Single room-extra charge 35 leva. There are discounts for children under 12, which are valid only if at least one of the parents is attending.  The VIP price is for individual or group travels of up to 5 adults and 2 kids. The price includes a vehicle entirely available for the travelers and accompanying guide. For group travels, over 10 adults, the price is subject to further negotiation.  Opportunity for organizing travels on a date desired by the client. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and the days of the events.

The company reserves the right to unite groups of different nationalities in case of insufficient number of visitors.


Always be 10 minutes earlier in place. Buses are not waiting if you delay.


Period:3-4 of June

132 leva

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