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Burgas grabs your heart immediately. Located at the bay, the city has a unique atmosphere and charm. Its central streets, studded small boutiques and romantic, cool cafes create a maze, in which you can walk forever. The Seaside Park offers entertainment for young and old. From the terrace near the Sea casino you can enjoy the wonderful view to the sea and harbor. People here are smiling and create the impression of endless holiday. Pomorie has been created as a Greek colony with the name Anhialo in the end of V century BC. Up to the present day half of the population here speaks fluent Greek and it is typical to hear Greek music in the local cafes and restaurants. The town reached its zenith during the Roman rule. It became an episcopal center and minted its own coins. Due to its interesting infrastructure, nice and safe beaches Pomorie is favorite vacation spot for families with young children. The lye and curative mud from the salt lakes near Pomorie and Burgas have unique qualities and composition. The mud impacts not only specific diseases, but also strengthens the overall immune system of the body. If you wish to try this natural cure you should do the following: spread a thick layer of mud over your body, leave for 20 minutes or until it dries. Bathe in the sea, using it not only as natural, but also as curative, prophylactic and cosmetic center.


Day 1:

08:00 Departure from the area of Sunny Beach;

09:30 Visiting the salt museum in Pomorie;

10:30 Visiting the Lake Atanasovsko Nature Reserve and train trip around the salt Mountains, the participants may stay to use the pools with curative mud and lye;

13:30 Sightseeing in Burgas.

Optional: Visiting the Sand figures festival.

17:00 Departure back to the area of Sunny Beach;


Possible to visit any time-by request of the client! Private trips available-VIP.

Price in Leva - adult/child/VIP:36/13/57

Price in Euro - adult/child/VIP: 19/7/30


You can visit:

Sand figures festival – 4 BGN/2 BGN;

Ethnographic museum Burgas – 3 BGN /1 BGN;

Salt museum Pomorie – 2 BGN /1 BGN, guide 3 BGN;

Mud baths – free of charge.


Always be 10 minutes earlier in place. Stay right at the bus station in open and visible place. Buses are not waiting if you delay. 

Listed prices are in Bulgarian leva, per person and include transport, accommodation in a double room in a 3 star hotel with breakfast-for the 2days excursions. Single room-extra charge 35 leva. There are discounts for children under 12, which are valid only if at least one of the parents is attending.  The VIP price is for individual or group travels of up to 5 adults and 2 kids. The price includes a vehicle entirely available for the travelers and accompanying guide. For group travels, over 10 adults, the price is subject to further negotiation.  Opportunity for organizing travels on a date desired by the client. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and the days of the events. The company reserves the right to unite groups of different nationalities in case of insufficient number of visitors.



Period 20/05-20/09

36 leva

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